Proteins their functions and uses

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Proteins their functions and uses
1 uses
1.1 structural components of tissues such as muscles and tendons.
1.2 hormones such as insulin are made from protein
1.3 antibodies are made from proteins
1.4 enzymes are made of proteins
1.4.1 enzymes are biological catalysts enzymes do not change the overall reaction in any way except make it happen faster enzymes build up reactions (building large molecules from smaller ones).They also break down reactions and change one molecule into another
2 functions
2.1 proteins are made from a long chain of amino acids
2.2 in an enzyme there is a very specific shape called the active site. (lock and key mechanism)
2.3 growth and repair, making important molecules like enzymes, haemoglobin and insulin
3 digestion
3.1 most of the food we eat is made of large insoluble molecules.
3.1.1 starch is a large carbohydrate molecule made from many sugar molecules joined togther
3.1.2 fats are large molecules made from fatty acids and glycerol joined together
3.2 digestion means breaking down large insoluble food molecules into smaller soluble molecules so that they can be absorbed into the blood stream
3.3 chemical breakdown of food is controlled by digestive enzymes
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