Worksheets, workbooks, rows, columns, cells and ranges

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Worksheets, workbooks, rows, columns, cells and ranges
1 A worksheet is a single sheet (page) of rows and columns in a workbook.
1.1 Data can be entered into one worksheet then referenced by the use of a formula or function. If the data is changed it will update all worksheets.
1.2 Benefits:
1.2.1 If one value is changed, it can be changed on all others.
1.2.2 Different displays can be used with different formats (individually coloured)
1.2.3 Can be hidden from other users. (Confidentiality) Own access rights so authorised people can view, change or amend data.
1.2.4 A master worksheet can be created which pulls values from individual worksheets. -> create summary of key data.
1.2.5 Charts -> summarise data. (Visual representation) -> easier to analyse and compare.
2 A workbook is a collection of worksheets, stored in a single file and given a single name.
2.1 Can contain links
3 Rows
3.1 Range of cells that go across the spreadsheet horizontally.
3.2 Identified by number e.g. row 1, row 5
4 Columns
4.1 Range of cells that goes down the spreadsheet (vertically).
4.2 identifies by letters e.g. column A
5 Cells
5.1 The individual boxes within worksheets.
5.2 Has a unique cell-reference e.g. A1, B2
5.3 Holds text, numbers and formulae.
6 Range
6.1 Group of selected cells adjacent or non-adjacent
6.2 e.g. B6:H6

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