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mind map on the life and skills of vivaldi

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1 4 March 1678 - 28 July 1741
1.1 Born in Venice
2 His parents were Giovanni Battista Vivaldi and Camilla Calicchio
2.1 Vivaldi's father was a professional violinist who taught Antonio how to play. They then toured Venice together performing the violin
2.2 It is also thought that Vivaldi studies with Giovanni Legrenzi as a boy, but there is no evidence to support this speculation.
3 His five siblings were: Margatira Gabriela, Cecilia Maria, Bonaventura Tomaso, Zanetta Anna and Francesco Gaetano
4 Vivaldi's health was a problem, he had a form of asthma. This did not really affect his musical endeavours but he did have to stop playing wind instruments.
5 He began training to become a priest in 1693 (age 15) and was ordained in 1703 (age 25)
5.1 In 1704 he was excused from celebrating Mass because of his ill health
5.2 He was nicknamed il Prete Rosse (The Red Priest) because of the colour of his hair
6 In autumn of 1703, he was appointed as a violin teacher at the Ospitale della Pieta in Venice; a few laters later he was made conductor there
7 Vivaldi composed both vocal and instrumental music, as well as sacred and secular music.
7.1 He composed over seven hundred pieces (sonatas, operas, concertos - 221 solo violin concerto's)
7.2 Vivaldi is considered to be one of the greatest eighteenth century musicians with superb ability
7.3 He favoured the three movement concerto (fast - slow - fast)
7.3.1 The two other movements are in the same key, the middle movement is in the same or closely related key
7.3.2 Concerto grosso: a small group of solo players, set against a full orchestra
7.4 He wrote concertos for many solo instruments (flute, the clarinet, the trumpet or the mandolin)
7.5 Some of his music was thematic, giving musical descriptions of events or natural scenes
7.5.1 The Seasons
7.6 His music was extremely popular during and after his lifetime. His pieces were copied and admired by J.S.Bach.
7.7 Vivaldi was one of the great names of the European music scene in the eighteenth century
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