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elements of fiction: literary terminology

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1 Initial Event
2 Exposition
3 Rising Action
4 Climax
5 Falling Action
6 Resolution
7 Conflict
7.1 internal
7.2 external
7.3 Types
7.3.1 character vs. character
7.3.2 character vs. self
7.3.3 character vs. nature
7.3.4 character vs. technology
7.3.5 character vs. society
7.3.6 character vs. supernatural
8 Literary Terms
8.1 Techniques
8.1.1 Allusion
8.1.2 Anecdote
8.1.3 Antecedent Action
8.1.4 Atmosphere
8.1.5 Dilemma
8.1.6 Flashback
8.1.7 Foreshadowing
8.1.8 Inference
8.1.9 In Media Res
8.1.10 Motif
8.1.11 Suspense
8.1.12 Verisimilitude
8.1.13 Point Of View Mental P.o.V First Person Third Person Omniscient Narrator Limited Omniscient Objective Narrator Physical P.o.V Emotional P.o.V
8.2 Basic Story Elements
8.2.1 Voice
8.2.2 Narrator
8.2.3 Theme
8.2.4 Characters Character Foil Indirect Presentation Direct Presentation Types Protagonist Antagonist Anti-Hero Hero Flat Round Dynamic Static
8.2.5 Genre Short Story
8.3 Style
8.3.1 Juxtaposition
8.3.2 Image
8.3.3 Symbol
8.3.4 Ambiguity
8.3.5 Tone
8.3.6 Image Pattern
8.3.7 Diction
8.3.8 Pathos
8.3.9 Irony Dramatic Irony Situational Irony Verbal Irony
8.4 Setting
8.4.1 Physical (time, place)
8.4.2 Emotional Mood or Atmosphere Effects of setting on character
8.4.3 Milieu (cultural context/social setting) Connected to both physical and mental setting

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