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Glycogen Loading


physical education unit 3
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Glycogen Loading
  1. Advantages
    1. Increase Glycogen store
    2. Disadvantages
      1. Athletes bloating and lethargic (water retention) as a result of supercompensation as glycogen storage involves storage of water
        1. Athletes feel heavy-legged due to intense endurance programme needed to deplete glycogen store.
          1. Many athletes follow a reduce carbohydrate diet to maintain low body weight and the suggested high carbohydrate diet proved to be too high for these athletes
      2. Method 1- Day 1-3------ Deplete Glycogen store, achieved by increased endurance training. Followed by 3 days low carbohydrates diet. Increased water consumption helps the process of supercompensation. Day 4-7------- Tapering down of training, , athletes eat a high carbohydrates diet few days before competition. This allows the body to store more glycogen than normal
        1. Method 2- 24 hours before a competition. 3 mins high intensity exercise; in 20 mins carb window opens, within the 20 mins we consume high amount of carbohydrates. After 2 hours the carb window closes and it's suggested to eat 9g carbs per kg of body weight
          1. Key Terms - Carb Window , Supercompensation and Tapering
            1. Glycogen Loading reduces fatigue / increase ATP production/ reduce the effect of hitting the wall as a result of deplete glycogen store
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