Cell adhesion and migration

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Cell adhesion and migration
1 Adhesion
1.1 Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)
1.2 Tight/occluding junctions
1.3 Anchoring junctions
1.3.1 Cadherins Need catenins to bind to actin microfilaments B-catenin E-cadherin limits tumour spread, thus is tumour suppressor
1.3.2 Integrins Alpha chain contains metal coordination complex Integrins are CAMs that mediate cess migration Almost all interact with microfilamants, but one interacts with intermediate filaments MIDAS site need Ca2+ or Mg2+
1.3.3 Focal Adhesions
1.3.4 Hemidesmosomes
1.3.5 Desmosomes
1.3.6 Adherens junctions
1.4 Communicating Junctions
1.5 Lack of adhesion - tumour development
1.6 Interdependent with differentiation
2 Migration
2.1 Multicellular animals
2.1.1 Most cells need a sold support; ECM or other cells.
2.2 Cilia and Flagellae: bundles of microtubules...relationship with cytoskeleton
2.3 Cells of the nervous system migrate from the neural crest during embryonic development
2.4 Pseudopodia: stubby projections at cell's leading edge
2.4.1 Leading edge of cell anchored by integrins
2.5 Lamellipodium: sheet of cytosol extended at leading edge
2.6 Filopodia: single filamentous extensions
2.7 Uropod: trailing edge
3 Cells need survival signals from basal lamina/neighbouring cells
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