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book project

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book project
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Cause: J.T and Digger drilled holes in the bottom of the kayak
      1. Conflict/Problem: Mrs. DiAngelo and her son go missing while kayaking and her son dies
      2. Theme
        1. Dont do things that can get someone killed
          1. these can lead to big consequences
          2. Setting
            1. 21st centary
              1. Corsica River/Baileys wart Maryland
              2. Characters
                1. J.T.
                  1. goes allong with anything
                    1. loves technical stuff
                    2. Brady
                      1. likes crabbing
                        1. enjoys the water
                        2. Digger
                          1. hates rich people
                            1. wants to be in the Navy Seal
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