One for the Murphy's

Gracie Erickson
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7th grade book project

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One for the Murphy's
1 Setting
1.1 Time- This story takes place in modern time
1.2 Place/Location- This story takes place mostly in the Murphy's house
1.2.1 The story also happens at Toni's house, at school, and at the hospital
2 Main Characters
2.1 Carley Conners
2.1.1 Thick Skin- Carley was taught by her mother that crying was for weak people, so she has learned to not be affected by things that would cause some people to cry
2.1.2 Shy- Carley doesn't like to open up to people about herself or talk about her past
2.2 Mrs. Murphy
2.2.1 Loving- Mrs. Murphy never gets mad at Carley when she makes mistakes and loves Carley like she is her own daughter
2.2.2 Family Oriented-Mrs. Murphy always puts her family before herself and makes sure make them happy
3 Supporting Characters
3.1 Daniel Murphy
3.1.1 Uncooperative- Daniel does not want to cooperate when Carley comes into his home
3.2 Michael Eric Murphy
3.2.1 Creative- Michael Eric likes to play imaginary games like superheros
3.3 Adam Murphy
3.3.1 Playful- Adam likes playing with toy cars and playing things like superheros
3.4 Mr. Murphy
3.4.1 Cooperative- At first Mr. Murphy is not fully wanting Carley, but agrees to let her come anyway
3.5 Toni Byars
3.5.1 Musical- Toni is in love with broadway musicals and that is one of her favorite things
3.6 Dennis
3.6.1 Abusive- Dennis is Carley's step-dad and he abuses Carley and her mom
3.7 Carley's Mom
3.7.1 Unreliable- Carley's mom is not reliable in the fact that sometimes she hates Carley and sometimes she loves Carley
4 Theme
4.1 Everything happens for a reason
4.1.1 I know this is the theme because at first Carley thought she would hate going to a foster home and get nothing form it, she ended up learning more about herself and who she is
5 Conflicts
5.1 The main conflict is that Carley doesn't want to leave the Murphy's to go with her mother
5.1.1 The minor conflict is that Carley does not want to become attached to the Murphy's
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