A Million Ways Home

Abigail Barickma
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A Million Ways Home
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Cause- Poppy's parents died in a explosion in Africa so her grandma took care of her. When her grandma has a stroke and is put in a nursing home, Poppy gets put in a children center. Poppy tries to find her nursing home but ends up witnessing a crime and she tells the armed robber her name.
1.2 Conflict- Poppy's grandma is in a nursing home and Poppy has no one to take care of her until she witnesses a major crime.
2 Characters
2.1 Poppy Parker
2.1.1 Concerning
2.1.2 Brave
2.2 Trey Brannigan
2.2.1 Smart
2.2.2 Protective
2.3 Gunner
2.3.1 Strong
2.3.2 Shy
3 Setting
3.1 Time: Modern Day
3.2 Place/Location: Police Station and Marti's House
4 Theme
4.1 Message/Theme: You can't control certain things that happen in your life.
4.2 How is it brought out in the book: Poppy's grandma has a stroke and is put in a nursing home and Poppy is trying to get her out.
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