Dreams and Goals

Mari Chambers
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Mari Chambers
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My dreams and goals for a good chunk of my life

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Dreams and Goals
1 Dreams
1.1 To be happier and more optimistic
1.1.1 To be a more active member of my community To be a successful music therapist with my own home business Making someone smile everyday To have a simple life Having a healthy but comfortable lifestyle Being very connected with the people around me and the world
2 Goals
2.1 To complete grade 10 successfully
2.1.1 To begin my post-secondary education in music To have a steady income and career To continue to have a steady income but also beginning to set time aside for myself and loved ones Publish a poem or story in a local newspaper or something similar Learn a wind instrument To be preparing for retirement
3 1 Year (2016)
3.1 5 Years (2020)
3.1.1 10 Years (2025) 15 Years (2030) 20 Years (2035) 25 Years (2040) 50 Years (2060)
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