My Dreams and Goals

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Dreams and Goals

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My Dreams and Goals
  1. 5 Years
    1. Graduate High School
      1. Do well in my sports
        1. Start College or University
          1. Start my first job
            1. Work as a camp leader
            2. Be on student council
              1. Get my drivers license
                1. learn how to cook
                  1. Make it to track and field BC's again
                    1. volunteer at a soup kitchen
                      1. Spend more time with my grandparents
                        1. manage my time better
                          1. Go to Seattle Youth Conference
                            1. Start dating
                            2. 10 Years
                              1. Shadow my dad at work/work for him
                                1. Live in my own apartment
                                  1. Buy my first car
                                    1. Travel to Europe
                                      1. Buy a pet
                                        1. Finish university/college
                                          1. Go on a mission trip
                                          2. 15 Years
                                            1. Get married
                                              1. Buy a home
                                                1. start a family
                                                  1. Take over what my dad does for work
                                                  2. 20 Years
                                                    1. Be happy with my job
                                                      1. Travel by myself
                                                        1. Have a good, strong relationship with my family
                                                          1. Stay close with my parents and siblings
                                                            1. Buy a new car
                                                              1. Put aside money for kids & their education
                                                              2. 25 Years
                                                                1. Travel with my family
                                                                  1. Take my kids to disneyland/world
                                                                    1. Pay off student loans
                                                                    2. 50 Years
                                                                      1. retire
                                                                        1. Pay off all debt
                                                                          1. Pay off mortgage
                                                                            1. Spend time with grandkids
                                                                              1. Buy a vacation house
                                                                                1. Travel with my husband
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