Skeletal System

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The Skeletal System
Skeletal system: Humerus
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Exemplar 13.3: Hip Fractures
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Physical Description
Mónica Rodríguez
The Skeletal System - PE GCSE EdExcel
Skeletal and Muscular systems
Bone Histology and Structure
Musculoskeletal System
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Bone Nutrition
Skeletal System
1 Bones
1.1 Classification by location
1.1.1 Appendicular Limbs Upper body Lower body Girdles
1.1.2 Axial Ribs Skull Vertebral Column
1.2 Types
1.2.1 Long
1.2.2 Short
1.2.3 Flat
1.2.4 Irregular
1.2.5 Compact
2 Tissue types
2.1 Bone
2.1.1 Osteogenic cells Bone stem cells
2.1.2 Osteoblasts Matrix-synthesizing cells
2.1.3 Osteocytes Bone matrix maintenance cells
2.1.4 Osteoclasts Bone destruction cells
2.2 Cartilage
2.2.1 Hyaline
2.2.2 Elastic
2.2.3 Fibrous
2.3 Bone marrow
3 Joints
3.1 Types
3.1.1 Functional
3.1.2 Structural Synovial General Structure Articular cartilage Joint synovial cavity Articular joint capsules Fibrous layer Synovial membrane *In fingers, toes, ankles, and wrists *Inflammation (synovitis) *Lymphocytes *Migrate into joint cavity from blood and unleash inflammatory chemicals *Destroy blood tissues *Treatment *Medication *Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs *Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs *Surgery *Lifestyle changes *Rest *Exercise *Macrophages da *Symptoms *Tender, warm, swollen joints *Symmetrical pattern of affected joints *Pain and stiffness *Fatigue Synovial fluid *Fluid accumulates, causing joint swelling *Synovial membrane thickens into a pannus *Erodes the cartilage *Scar tissue forms and ossifies *Ankylosis Reinforcing ligaments Capsular ligaments Extracapsular ligaments Intracapsular ligaments Nerves and blood vessels Multiaxial Ball and socket joint Biaxial Saddle joint Condylar joint Uniaxial Hinge joint Pivot joint Nonaxial Plane joint Cartilaginous Synchondroses Symphyses Fibrous Sutures Syndesmoses Gomphoses
3.2 Types of movement
3.2.1 Flexion
3.2.2 Extension
3.2.3 Abduction
3.2.4 Adduction
3.2.5 Circumduction

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