Children's Nature Garden

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One of the services included in the N.G. Children's Centre, and how it helps with the development of a child's PIES

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Children's Nature Garden
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    1. Trees to climb; bikes to ride; collecting natural objects; bird spotting; running and laughing; growing vegetables in our raised beds; playing in the mud kitchen
      1. Doing many physical activities which involving them having fun, and mostly playing with others
        1. Getting messy, which is something they would like because the activities are hands on
        2. Improving their balanced in climbing trees and riding bikes
          1. I
            1. Learning how to grow crops such as vgetables, giving them a skill for the future
            2. E
              1. Playing with others makes them happy, and they become less shy, more happy
                1. Friendships, they are participating in co-oporpative play
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