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Client Profile
  1. Made to measure furniture
    1. 3 seat sofa - 23" D x 42" W
      1. Bespoke means: of clothing
      2. Customer
        1. People love their shop and will shop there again.
        2. Advertising
          1. Greenwoods furniture advertise their furniture to sell
          2. sustainability
            1. When a customer spends over £500 pounds Green woods would plant a tree locally
            2. Materials
              1. some of our furniture is made of FSC woods certified woods
                1. Green wood & Goods offer a wide selection of hardwoods and softwoods
                  1. they use dead wood of trees and such things like that
                2. Product Ranges
                  1. liven rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and all kinds
                    1. they sell for the dining room, table chairs and also shelves and fish tanks
                  2. Price ranges of furniture
                    1. all of the products are really expensive and small things cheap
                      1. IKEA is more expensive than greenwoods furniture on a variety of things
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