Social impact

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Social Impact Hakim and Syaz

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Social impact
  1. Health
    1. Prevention
      1. Threat
        1. become kifli
      2. Computer Security
        1. Prevention
          1. Threat
          2. Economic Impact: ICT
            1. Companies
              1. Adv.
                1. Save cost of operating new branches if employees work from home
                  1. Tasks done 24/7
                    1. Reach more customers
                    2. Disadv.
                      1. Expensive to set up system
                        1. Engage technical expertise to maintain professional website
                          1. Online fraud
                            1. Risk of system being hacked
                          2. Employees
                            1. Adv.
                              1. Reduce travelling costs
                                1. Reduce traveling time
                                2. Disadv.
                                  1. Probable loss of jobs
                                    1. Deskilling
                                3. Data Protection Act
                                  1. Laws: Data must be...
                                    1. Obtained lawfully
                                      1. Accurate
                                        1. Up-to-date
                                          1. Used for the purpose it was collected for
                                            1. Protected against unlawful access/accidental loss
                                              1. Not transferred overseas without permission of the subject of said data
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