The Moral Act

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The moral act

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The Moral Act
1 Being successful is not defined with what you are able to achieve but how you actually reach it and how you undergo the process.


  • an action that results from a deliberate choice between good and evil or degrees of goodness
2 Involves both deliberation and choice, along with moral content such as yawning.
3 A personal act involves intellect and the will, and never leaves exactly the same.
4 Good moral actions make us more free. Bad moral decisions make us a slave to sin
4.1 the origin of moral evil is the free decision of a man to reject God's moral law
4.2 Freedom is not doing whatever you want but doing what you ought
4.2.1 Grace doesn't diminish, but it helps see the truth more clearly and gives us the required strength to conquer our passions
4.2.2 we can align our will with God's will by the proper use of freedom with the help of grace
4.2.3 there is no such thing as a freedom that is independent of responsibility
5 grace
5.1 We must continually seek God’s grace, continually respond to the actual graces God is working within us, inclining us to turn to him and do good.
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