Small as an Elephant By: Jennifer Richard Jacobson

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ELA book project Small as an Elepahant

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Small as an Elephant By: Jennifer Richard Jacobson
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Conflict/Problem- Jack's mom has left him alone at the Acadia National Park in Maine and he does not know where she is at . Jack searches all around the state of Maine for her.
      1. Cause- Jack has agitatedhis mom and sent her into what he calls a spinning time, or a time period where she is depressed.
      2. Characters
        1. Jack Martel
          1. Determind
            1. Brave
            2. Big Jack
              1. Kind
                1. Caring
                2. Rebecca Martel
                  1. Depressed
                    1. Unattentive
                  2. Setting
                    1. Time- Labor Day Weekend
                      1. Setting- Acadia National Park, Maine; State of Maine
                      2. Theme
                        1. Message/Theme Can you forgive and love someone who has caused your life to spin?
                          1. How brought out in this book- Jack must decide if he will be able to forgive and love his mom after she has sent him into worry and having him change his lifestyle to running from people to keep the secret that she left him.
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