Elements of the novel Q2BP

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This is my Q2BP

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Elements of the novel Q2BP
  1. Theme
    1. Message/Theme: The message or theme is "Can you forgive a love one when they make your life go upside down?"
      1. How brought out in this book- Jack will have to find out if he will want to go back and live with his mother when she was the one for him stealing and going crazy.
      2. Main Conflict
        1. Conflict/Problem- The problem or conflict in this story is that Jack's mother has seem to left him in the state of Maine and he goes off trying to find her everywhere and just seems to not be able to and with not enough money will he make it?
          1. Cause- Jack and his mother have gotten into this argument and sent his mom crazy where she needs help with herself mentally.
          2. Setting
            1. Place- Acadia National Park in Maine
              1. Time- Labor Day Weekend
              2. Characters
                1. Jack
                  1. Mentally tough
                    1. Determined
                    2. Big Jack
                      1. Caring
                        1. Kind
                        2. Jack's Mom
                          1. Not Mentally okay
                            1. Funny
                          2. Small as an Elephant by: Jennifer Jacobson Project made by Allie Mackey
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