Differences between tests

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es una presentación de las diferencias de tipos de pruebas

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Differences between tests
1 Test plan and Test strategy
1.1 Test Plan
1.1.1 Lists all the activities Roles Responsibilities Risks Entry
1.1.2 Deliverable
1.2 Test strategy
1.2.1 Testing approach
1.2.2 Sub set
1.2.3 Details
2 Test case and Test script
2.1 Test case
2.1.1 Sequence of steps
2.1.2 Expected Result
2.1.3 Actual result
2.1.4 Requirements
2.2 Test script
2.2.1 Equal to test cases
3 Test scenario and Test condition
3.1 Test scenario
3.1.1 Multiple tests.
3.1.2 Agile projects
3.2 Test condition
3.2.1 Conditions
3.2.2 Goal Specific
4 Test procedure and Test suite
4.1 Test procedure
4.1.1 Combination of test cases Objetive
4.1.2 Order Execute test cases
4.2 Test suite
4.2.1 A part Cycle Regression phase
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