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Martin Luther King, Jr


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Martin Luther King, Jr
  1. I have a dream
    1. Demonstration for freedom
      1. Emancipation Proclamation
        1. Hope for Negro slaves
          1. Crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination
            1. Poverty
              1. Exile
                1. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
                  1. Promissory Note
                    1. All men, black and white, guaranteed "unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
                      1. America default
                        1. Check marked "insufficient funds"
                          1. Bank of justice is bankrupt
                            1. Promises of democracy
                              1. Justice of reality for all God's children
                                1. 1963
                                  1. Drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred
                                    1. Dignity and discipline
                                      1. Physical force with soul force
                                        1. We cannot walk alone
                                          1. We cannot turn back
                                            1. Police brutality
                                              1. "For whites only"
                                                1. "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream"
                                                  1. American dream
                                                    1. All men created equal
                                                      1. Vicious racists
                                                        1. Hope and Faith
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