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Mind Map on Software, created by Aiman Syafiee on 10/01/2015.
Aiman Syafiee
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Aiman Syafiee
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  1. Programming language
    1. Low-Level Languages
      1. Low level language consists of small set of commands called "Mnemonics" Example is Assembly Language.
        1. Advantage: It is fast to execute the commands.
          1. Disadvantages: It is difficult to read and understand. It is hard to debug.
          2. High-Level Languages
            1. High level language is a programming language that is closed to human language. Such example is C++.
              1. Advantages: It is easier to understand as it is closer to the English language. It is easier to debug.
                1. Disadvantage: It is slower to execute.
                2. A computer program is a collection of commands that the computer has to follow. The commands is written in either Low language or High Level language.
                3. User interface
                  1. Menu Interface
                    1. User is presented with a number of options. It allows user to select from the number of options.
                      1. Advantage: It is very user friendly.
                      2. Command line Interface
                        1. Advantage: It is fast
                          1. Disadvantage: User needs to learn the command before using.
                            1. It allows user to interact with the computer by typing a series of text.
                            2. Graphical User Interface
                              1. User is presented with graphical options. It incorporates window, icons, menus and pointers.
                                1. Advantage: It is easy to learn.
                                  1. Disadvantage: It requires more processing power.
                                  2. The computer Os require user interaction at some point. The interface comes in 3 forms; User, Graphical and Menu.
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