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Evan VanEnkevort
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freedom of conscience
1 you have the choice to do what is right and wrong
1.1 follow your gut and pray about it
1.1.1 the right decision comes out of prayer
2 you know when you do something right or wrong
2.1 it is your choice to do the right thing
2.1.1 you have free will to choose
2.1.2 wrong thing you will sin and go to hell
2.1.3 right thing heaven and eternal life with jesus
3 go with your gut
3.1 do what is right
4 you have to develop your conscience
4.1 practice makes perfect expect to make mistakes
4.1.1 go to confession
5 knowing right from wrong
5.1 you can feel when you do the right thing
5.1.1 follow your gut do what you know is right
6 finding out the right way
6.1 pray and talk to god
6.2 think before you act
7 you have to grow your conscience
7.1 it takes practice, and you will make mistakes
7.1.1 making mistakes builds charecter and grows your conscience
7.1.2 if you sin go to confession and don't make the mistake again
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