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Range of ICT applications_1


ICT applications in every aspect
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Range of ICT applications_1
  1. ICT in Entertainment
    1. Music Industry
      1. 1. Sound effect
        1. - Traditional Sound effect Method
          1. - produced for concert, movie and etc
            1. Using Software to produce sound effect - E.g : Bxfr, audicity, Sound effect maker
            2. 2. Music Format - Since there are many ways to produce music, there are also many methods to store music
              1. Uncompressed audio format and compressed audio format
                1. E.g MP3 compressed file format. When an original audio file is produced, the file size is very big because it contains all the details of the music. By setting the bit rate, the creator can specify how many kilobits the music will be used to convert into mp3
              2. 3. FIim making
                1. Chroma key(Greenscreen) - A special effect technique where 2 videos are superimposed on each other to produce special scenes
                  1. Create Avatar that are not real
                    1. 3D rendering to produce more realism
                2. ICT in Education
                  1. Computer Aided Learning(CAL)- Computer based learning or computer aided learning refers to using computer in delivering content or assessment
                    1. Advantages
                      1. Students can learn at their own pace
                        1. Students can save travelling time
                          1. Students can get instant feedback on quiz
                          2. Disadvantages
                            1. Teachers cannot give personal attention to students
                        2. ICT in Daily life
                          1. Online Banking
                            1. To withdraw or check money e.g. ATM machine
                              1. Online banking services such as paying bills online and money transfer
                            2. E-Commerce
                              1. Buying and selling something online e.g. online payment
                                1. Advertising e.g Billboards and magazines
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