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Evil rulers and what they did


Jack Corrion
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Jack Corrion
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Evil rulers and what they did
  1. Joseph Stalin
    1. he killed over 30 million people
      1. sent millions to gualag camps
        1. he worked people to death and did not feed them enough
          1. tried to modernize Russia in ten years millions died of famine
            1. he made fake offenses and blamed people for crimes they did not do sent them to camps
              1. he ruled with a rain of terror
                1. he started the purge and killed generals and thousands during it
                2. Ivan the terrible
                  1. he expanded and got Siberia for russia
                    1. killed his son
                      1. threw cats+dogs out of the window
                        1. terrorized country and had men go out and burn down villages and kill villagers
                          1. set up printing press and taught people how to read
                            1. enslaved people and made the serf class
                              1. set up trade with england
                                1. had St. Basils Cathedral built
                                2. Nicholas the ll
                                  1. didn't want to be czar
                                    1. he was murdered because of civil war
                                      1. people protested and he had his troops open fire on crowds killed thousands(Bloody Sunday)
                                        1. went to front lines and didn't know much about war
                                          1. he was never trained to be a czar
                                            1. he joined army at 19
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