The One

Kaylei Krug
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The One
  1. Theme
    1. Maxon and Lucy are happy together They both are in tears and are happy.
      1. I was reading the next book and The front of the book looked insteading to me.
      2. By:Kiera Cass
        1. Main Conflict
          1. The book begins with another rebel attack occuring though it's very brief and non violent.
            1. Is when she returns back with news / letters and she gets into fights.
            2. Setting
              1. Winter
                1. 2005
                2. Characters
                  1. Maxon
                    1. Almost ruined his life by choosing Kriss
                      1. Is the third character
                      2. Silvia
                        1. Is one of the main characters
                          1. She is royal planner
                          2. Elise
                            1. Shy girl
                              1. loves running laps on the track
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