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1 Computer networks linked together globally
1.1 networks of networks
1.2 Private, public, business, academic and government networks
1.3 Linked together by electronic, wireless networking technologies
2 E-commerce
2.1 Advantages
2.1.1 Customers Increases convenience since they won't have to leave home Able to by abroad with a bigger selection A lot of competition which usually drags down product price More information on the products with reviews ect 24/7 for customers
2.1.2 Businesses No human interaction for shopping. Some people prefer that Inconvenient to return unwanted/broken products and can be expensive Fraud can easily happen on suspicious websites and take your money with no product to give The product can sometimes be out of stock and a substitute gets sent instead
2.2 Disadvantages
2.2.1 Businesses Sales for products are now on an international scale which increases competition Bad for new-comers since customers haven't heard of them and are worried about their products Decreases the need of real-world consultancy
2.2.2 Customers Lacks personal touch Ecommerce delays transfer of goods Some goods cannot be purchased online You can't experience the goods before-hand Anyone can easily set up a site for e-commerce and frauds can happen easier online You need to provide security details for bank accounts etc and can lead to identity theft
2.3 Buying and selling commercial items online
3 Entertainment
3.1 Gaming
3.1.1 Played online over the internet
3.1.2 Advantages Can be educational and entertaining for children Can develop team-working and communications skills
3.1.3 Disadvantages Usually sedentary and can lead to obesity Health issues are caused like Repetitive Strain Issue Bad gamer's can swear and do abusive behavior towards other gamer's
3.2 Social media
3.2.1 Allows people to communicate over the internet
3.2.2 Advantages Allows you send status updates to friends Allows you to get in contact with old friends Join groups with similar interests
3.2.3 Disadvantages Can be a place where cyber-bullying takes place No guarantee about the people online are their online identidy Result in a less face-to-face interaction
4 Connect to the internet
4.1 Broadband
4.1.1 Much faster than methods like dial-up
4.1.2 Higher monthly charge and might not be available in country side areas
4.1.3 High speed data link with Broadband modems
4.2 Satellites
4.2.1 Beam data signals to other satellites orbiting the Earth
4.2.2 Allows high-speed internet where broadband and mobile coverage is low
4.2.3 Expensive for the parts required for a satellite connection
4.3 Cable
4.3.1 Very fast internet connection and affordable
4.3.2 Not all areas have cable internet providers
4.4 Dial-up
4.4.1 Connects to a telephone line and dial the telephone number of your ISP
4.4.2 Affordable way to connect to the internet
4.4.3 Much slower when compared to other methods. Uses the phone line so cannot use the internet and the phone at the same time
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