Grammar and Sentences

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Grammar and sentences

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Grammar and Sentences
1 Simple Sentences
1.1 And one subject
1.2 Contains one independent clause
1.3 Examples:
1.3.1 I see a brown Bear
1.3.2 Canada is a rich country
1.4 We use simple sentences because
1.5 Simple sentences help us communicate clearly, and help us make important points. Sometimes, they can can have big affects on pieces of writing because of the info they provide
2 Compound Sentences
2.1 Has more than one independent clause
2.2 The independent clauses can be joined by conjunctions
2.3 Examples:
2.3.1 He did not want to go to school, but he went anyways
2.3.2 It's hot, and we no ice cream in the fridge
2.4 Compound sentences help make our writing less choppy. Without compound sentences, most of our writing would be full of small sentences, and would be very boring.
3 Complex Sentences
3.1 Contains one independent caluse
3.2 And one dependent clause
3.3 Example:
3.3.1 When she was a little girl, she believed in fairy tales
3.3.2 After the storm passed, the rainbow appeared.
3.4 Complex sentences help convey clarity to the reader and completes the sentence. Dependent clauses don't fully express the subject, so adding the independent clause gives the sentence a meaning.
4 Conjunctions
4.1 Words that help connect two phrases together
4.2 To help remember conjunctions, use FANBOY: For, Or, Nor, But, Or, and Yet
4.3 Conjunctions are important to use because instead of making multiple sentences in a piece of writing, they help put them together.
5 Independent Clauses
5.1 Can stand alone as a phrase
5.2 Can express the subject without needing details
5.3 Example:
5.3.1 Our planet revolves around the sun
5.4 Independent clauses are helpful because they are short and get right to the point. They are not run-on sentences and help the reader understand the meaning of the written material.
6 Dependent clauses
6.1 Cannot stand alone as a single phrase
6.2 Cannot express a complete thought
6.3 Example:
6.3.1 Since I don't have enough money,
6.4 Dependent clauses help us make our writing more interesting. As you know, these sentences cannot be be expressed by themselves, and are added to sentences to make them more captivating.
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