Radium Business Map

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Business Map for running of company.

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Radium Business Map
1 Customer Call
1.1 Details: Name, Number, E-mail, Address
1.1.1 Why Calling? Quote Paul to quote Won Work Instructions Order equipment & create file for installation Book Installation Transfer pre-sale and create sage account Engineers Complete Job Customer happy? Yes Ask to review and recommend No Why? Take Action Happy? Yes No Complaint Issue Appropriate Person Make Paul Aware Sales Pass to Mike/Paul/Jo Ask to send E-mail Fault Mike Solve over Phone Cant fix: Book Appointment General Take Message Accounts: Janet Ask to e-mail unless urgent Anything: Paul Technical: Mike Appointment Confirm Alarm Master Book Reason Technical Mike Book In Maintenance Is it due? Yes Book in No Mike Pay Bill If able do it Queries and more technical Issues Janet Ask to e-mail unless Urgent
2 Engineer Call
2.1 Who is it?
2.1.1 Who do they need? Available: Pass to them Not available: Take message Let them know
3 Marketing
3.1 Social Media
3.1.1 Twitter
3.1.2 Facebook
3.1.3 Linked In
3.2 Recomendations
3.2.1 Who?
3.3 Advertisement
3.3.1 Newspaper
3.3.2 Building Sign
3.3.3 Bell Box
3.3.4 Handouts
3.3.5 Website
3.4 Infusionsoft
4 Order
4.1 CCTV/ Alarm
4.1.1 Set up Contract Sage (If none already) CCTV Handover Work Instructions * Certificate of Acceptance Checklist Booklet Business Sticker Folder Business Sticker Order Equipment Send Engineers to Job Complete Job Is Customer Happy?
4.2 Monitored Police Alarm
4.2.1 Key Holders Risk Asessment Appendix G NPCC Policy Appendix F Send to Police URN Send to EMCS Check after 24Hrs
4.2.2 Signal Work Instructions * Order Equipment Send Engineers to Job Complete Job
5 Invoices
5.1 1st of Each Month
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