The Executive Branch

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Executive Branch Brainstorm

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The Executive Branch
1 President
1.1 Head of the government
1.2 Commander-in-Chief of armed forces
1.3 Responsible for enforcing laws
1.4 Head of the Cabinet
1.5 Atleast 35 years old
2 The Vice President
2.1 Ready to assume Presidency if President can't
2.2 Elected by Electoral College
2.3 Also serves as President of The United States Senate
3 Cabinet
3.1 Made up of 15 executive departments
3.2 President appoints members
4 Some Departments
4.1 Agriculture
4.2 Commerce
4.3 Defense
4.4 Education
4.5 Energy
4.6 Health and Human Services
4.7 Homeland Security
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