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Executive Branch


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Executive Branch
  1. The President
    1. Head of the executive branch
      1. Commander in chief
        1. Head of United States
          1. Appoints the Supreme Court members
            1. Appoints the Cabinet
              1. Can Veto Bills
                1. Can also make laws
                  1. Make $400,000 a year
                    1. Has the most important job in the world
                    2. The Cabinet
                      1. 25 Cabinet members
                        1. 15 different groups
                          1. Chosen by the President.
                            1. Discuss important issues
                              1. They are given specified Government phones
                              2. Vice-President
                                1. Is in charge if President resigns, dies or is too ill to serve
                                  1. If the Senate is tied the Vice-President has the winning vote
                                    1. Is elected with the President
                                    2. Department of Agriculture
                                      1. Department of Commerve
                                        1. Department of Defense
                                          1. Department of Education
                                            1. Department of Energy
                                              1. Department of Health & Human Services
                                                1. Department of Homeland Security
                                                  1. department of Housing and Urban Development
                                                    1. Department of Interior
                                                      1. Department of Justice
                                                        1. Department of Labor
                                                          1. Department of State
                                                            1. Department of Treasury
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