Executive Branch

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Executive Branch

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Executive Branch
  1. Executive Branch: Responsible for carrying out laws while also enforcing them. Contains people such as the president, vice president, cabinet, executive departments, independent agencies, different boards, commissions, and committees.
    1. President Leads the country he is elected for. They are the head of state, leads the federal government, and commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. The President serves four year terms but can not be voted more than 2 times.
      1. Qualification Include:
        1. Being a U. S. resident for 14 years
          1. At least 35 years of age
            1. Being a national born citizen
      2. Vice President Vice president is directly under the president and supports him. If the president is unable to serve, then the vice president takes their place and becomes president. They can serve an unlimited amount of four year terms.
        1. Qualifications include
          1. Be a U.S. born citizen
            1. Resided in the U.S. at least 14 years
              1. Haven't served 2 terms as President
        2. The Cabinet Cabinet Members act as the president's advisors. Includes the heads of 15 executive departments and the vice president. The Cabinet members must be nominated by the president and approved by the senate (at least 51 votes)
          1. Department of State Developes and implements foreign policies Responsibilities include foreign assistance, foreign military training, countering international crime, and other foreign services
            1. Department of the Treasury Promotes economic prosperity and ensures security of financial systems
              1. Department of Defense Provides military forces to prevent war and protects the security of the United States
                1. Department of Justice Enforces laws and defends the interests of the United States
                  1. Department of the Interior Protects natural resources and conducts scientific research to protect the ecosystem
                    1. Department of Agriculture Develops and executes farming, agriculture, and food policies
                      1. Department of Commerce Responsible for improving living standards for Americans
                        1. Department of Labor Ensures a strong American workforce
                          1. Department of Health and Human Services Protects the health of all Americans and provides essential human services
                            1. Department of Housing and Urban Development Responsible for national policies and programs that fulfill housing needs
                              1. Department of Transportation Ensures fast safe efficient travel for all Americans
                                1. Department of Energy Advances national, economic, and energy security for Americans
                                  1. Department of Education Promote student education
                                    1. Department of Homeland Security Prevents and disrupts terrorist attacks (protects the people)
                                      1. Department of Veterans Affairs Provides benefits and services to veterans and their families.
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