The Port Of Melbourne Influences the development of Melbourne

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The Port Of Melbourne Influences the development of Melbourne
  1. Import and export
    1. The Port Of Melbourne plays a vital role in importing and exporting because Melbourne is the most live able city in the world and they rely on the other world to support you.
    2. Economy
      1. The Port Of Melbourne plays a viturl role in the Port Of Melbourne because firstly It keeps Australia moving , It provides jobs, Our taxes goes towards the port to keep it running
      2. Information About the port
        1. The port is located in the docklands and was established almost 180years ago. There are almost around 2.6containers annually with 300 ships that visit a year. The type of cargo that comes into the port can either be your every day cargo, flammable liquards, automotive vehicles, grain or wheat
          1. History
          2. Healthcare
            1. The port of Melbourne bring in medication by containers
            2. Enviroment
              1. The port of Melbourne has allot of enviromental impacts and there is a large risk as well. For en example, If there was a massive oil spill this will a big concern to the public and the enviroment. Also there is a big problem about the about teh weat entering in our water network at the port.
              2. infrastructure
                1. The Infrastructure we have are public transport, Roads, Highways and all those key items keeps the Port going and the Country or state as well
                2. stability
                  1. The Government keeps the port stable because they control all the profits and decide to spend it as well. If the Port wasn't stable Melbourne would be chaos.
                  2. What makes a modern urban city liveable? The Factors that make a modern city liveable is the public transport however in order to have public transport you need the top of the range infrastructure like roads, freeways and etc. The most important thing that makes a Liveable country is Education. For an example, most parts of Africa are third world countries and there education is poorly, so if your children dropping out of school at the end of year 8 they dont have a degree or qualifications and it makes it hard for them to keep food on the table and like life style there health care, infarstructure or security is really poorly because they don't have an education. If you Compare Africa to Australia, Its has advance infrastructure, healthcare but in order to make that happen you have to have a good Educational system so you can have a qualification or degree :)
                    1. 300-500 word responce
                      1. The Port Of Melbourne contributes to the city in a large because the delivery of shipment that comes in and out, and it keeps Australia moving in a small way. If Melbourne didn't have a port Australia would be way behind in economic side but its good as well because since the infrastructure is really good, we can deliver containers around of Melbourne with trucks and etc. However we have the roads to do that and the car Industry is really good because we reley on it every day and we make alot of money out of it. It keeps Melbourne Moving because our consumers reley on products like cars, machines, clothes and etc. That how Melbourne makes money out of it and its a good way as. In Conclusion The Port Of Melbourne helps out Business in Melbourne as mentioned before
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