Public Management: Week 1 : 4 Approaches to P. Management

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Grid Group Cultural Theroy

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Public Management: Week 1 : 4 Approaches to P. Management
  1. designing and operating public services
    1. Why a focus on contested issues can shape our view of how to manage policy programs?
      1. ...because those issues are instilled of political values which favour certain groups over others
      2. Why do we need an explanatory perspective for what is normative field?
        1. ...because causal explanations offer the conditions under which specific 'universal' tools or truths may work
        2. Why bother with an abstract cultural theory go Grid/Group to understand practical problems?
          1. ...because there is more than hierarchy in the public sector
            1. ...each service has a particular mix of different world views/the same service can be run distinctively in different countries
              1. helps to understand the links between solutions as well as their limits and opportunities
              2. Cultural theory as a guide to analyse contrasting solutions
              3. administrative analysis to: analyse evidence of a problem, tools, approaches, theories, side effects, trade-offs, unintended consequences, political setting, solutions
                1. Grid Group Theory
                  1. Hierarchist (High Grid, High Group)
                    1. High group: institutional structures dominate over self maximising; High Grid: rules govern the world, differentiated not flat organisations
                      1. control: inspection regime
                        1. management topics: indie responsibility over team-working, command and control from the top
                          1. blame: poor compliance with rules
                            1. achilles heel: too much trust in authority/expertise
                            2. egalitarian (Low Grid, high Group)
                              1. control and accountability by mutuality/peer review
                                1. horizontal perspective of policy design and evaluation
                                2. common management topics: co-production of services, team work, elections of leaders over appointment
                                  1. Blame: abuse of power, system corruption
                                    1. Achilles heel: free riding, unwillingness to accept higher authority
                                    2. Individualism (low grid, low group)
                                      1. bottom up view of problems
                                        1. individuals and rulers try to maximise self-interest, sanctions and rewards
                                          1. markets produce better results than hierarchical systems
                                            1. common management topics: performance related pay, competitive provision of services and adoption of business practices
                                              1. blame: wrong incentives
                                                1. achilles heel: individual before collective benefit
                                                2. Fatalist (High Grid, Low Group)
                                                  1. public cynicism about motives/honesty of public managers and politicians
                                                    1. blame: bad luck
                                                      1. achilles heel: unwillingness to plan ahead
                                                      2. common management topics: garbage-can model in decision making (kingdom's streams); no decision, nothing can be done; rotation schemes to avoid bribery
                                                        1. lottery as a control method
                                                      3. e.g.
                                                        1. e.g
                                                          1. literature: Hood, Wegrich
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