(1) A case study of housing inan urban area: tenure, access, opportunities, constraints andpattern

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(1) A case study of housing inan urban area: tenure, access, opportunities, constraints andpattern
1 Location
1.1 Tower hamlets is in east London. North east of London. Canary Wharf, (redeveloped docklands) situated here. The City is to the West of Tower Hamlets. South of Hackney
2 Tenure
2.1 35% Owner occupied, 23% Private rented, 14% Council Rented, 28% Housing Association.
2.1.2 Explanation: Low income, lack of education, shortage of housing to buy, high unemployment.
3 Access
3.1 Limited due to high demand for it.
3.1.1 Explanation: Limited land (shortage of places to build), high density housing because of high population, house prices increasing.
4 Opportunities
4.1 Council properties, estate agents, shared ownership, housing benefits, new homes being built, government schemes (private companies must give a % to social housing), right to buy.
4.1.1 2004-2009, 9000 new homes built --> 3200 affordable homes. Tower Hamlets one of the largest deliverers of affordable housing in the country. MEMORISE
5 Constraints
5.1 Overcrowded: 41% of households live in overcrowded conditions, 1 million children living in overcrowded conditions. House prices & rent increasing annually --> 1999-2004 increase by 87%, average house price in 2009 --> £309,000. Lack of green & open space. 64% of tenants on council housing register are waiting for new home. 36% of tenants seeking transfer. 1/2 of housing in borough in social sector. TH ranked 4th highest for crime in inner city London. Large households and low income. TH 4th most deprived borough in the country.
5.1.1 Explanation: Low income makes it hard to buy housing, overcrowding is due to lack of housing & large families.
6 Patterns
6.1 The further from the Thames you go --> more council housing. More owner occupied housing along the Thames --> Canary Wharf and good views. Most expensive along the Thames.
6.1.1 Explanation: More expensive along the Thames due to Canary Wharf and good views. Houses there are purpose built & aimed at people with high income.
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