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3.07 DBA
1 The Legislative Branch has two parts.
1.1 The Senate with 100 members.
1.2 The House of Representatives with 435 members.
1.3 It's main purpose:
1.3.1 to create and pass laws. When the Legislative Branch writes a law, it is debated and voted on by congress.
2 What is Public Policy.
2.1 Public Policy protects the basic good of the people through stating that no law can be passed that harms or is not good for the public.
2.1.1 This affects each persons general health and well-being.
2.2 A large part of Public Policy are the people that influence decisions being made. Certain groups of people can have a strong enough belief to protest a law they believe is not good for everyone.
3 The Executive Branch
3.1 is led in chief by the President of the United States.
3.1.1 It's main purpose: to enforce laws. The President is elected by the people of the U.S. The Executive Branch also includes members of the Cabinet and the Vice President. The President always has the final say but receives insight from the other members of the branch.
4 Evolving Technology
4.1 The constant growing and changing technology has made communication among the U.S. so incredibly simple. A law can be passed and within seconds, the whole country has the information at their fingertips. In the beginning, people could learn new information through the press, and then through the radio, television, internet, Facebook, Twitter... The means of communication are have grown and are growing rapidly.
4.1.1 Not all means of communication publish only fact. Many sources for info about the ongoing political activity are biased. They have opinions that they openly share and use to influence people to one side or another.
5 Whether the current voting system is effective or not is a matter of opinion. Personally I think that the voting system is for the most part effective. I question the fairness of elections and representative voting but again, I do think that it is overall effective.
5.1 Many voters make decisions based on what best suits their personal values, but they also tend to be vulnerable to peer pressures. Some go with what best fits themselves, some go with what best suits the whole group.
6 I think the biggest influence on politics is the people. The government is create by the people for the people and they have a large influence on laws created, passed and enforced. They do this through freely expressing their views and magnifying the things that are of great value to themselves and many others.

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