Rise of Authoritian Figures

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Rise of Authoritian Figures
  1. Stalin


    • 1924++
    1. favourable circumstances
      1. Non-disclosure of Lenin's Testament
        1. as his Testament is filled with criticism, the Politburo decided not to disclose the contents
          1. Stalin get to keep his position of Secretary-General
            1. continues to sought power with manipulations of power
        2. Trotsky's weaknesses
          1. seen as a great threat by Politburo as Lenin's successor
            1. also arrogant
              1. outspoken: used to argue with Lenin over several issues. this can be used by people against him as being disrespectful to Lenin
                1. Lenin is "god-like" to his people
                  1. so this disrespect is intolerant by people
                    1. Trotsky seen as a very unattractive leader
                  2. Lenin's New Economic Policy
              2. arrogant; thinks he will definitely succeed Lenin. hence become complacent
                1. did not build up his power base
                  1. Stalin did
                2. absent from Lenin's funeral
                  1. public thinks he is disrespectful
              3. own abilities
                1. manipulation of the poltical power
                  1. formed Troika Alliance with Kamenev & Zinoviev
                    1. aimed at removing Trotsky from power
                      1. discreditng him
                        1. success
                          1. broke Troika alliance
                            1. switching the sides of the radicals & moderates
                              1. convinced politbu that K and Z planning to overthrow government with Trotsky
                    2. position of Secretary-General
                      1. can elects member to important posts:
                        1. people owe it to him
                          1. these people become supporters of Stalin & loyal to him
                            1. builds up support base
                          2. removes Trotsky's allies/supporter
                          3. people thought he is useless & NOT A THREAT
                          4. pretended to be close to Lenin
                            1. after Lenin's death, puts himself as chief mourner
                              1. pretends to be really close to Lenin
                                1. Saw by public as the rightful successor
                                  1. eg, doctored pictures to remove opponents away to emphasise impression by the people
                                    1. positive potrayal of himself; really respectful
                          5. Hitler


                            • appointed chancellor in 1933
                            1. Favourable Circumstances
                              1. Great Depression, 1929
                                1. USA recalled loans from Germany
                                  1. ↓ unemployment
                                    1. ↓ atttractiveness of Weimar Gvt, due to indecisive action of coalition government
                                      1. Hardship caused by GD made Germans willing to support extreme parties for effective measures for Germany's problem
                                2. Weakness of Weimar Gvt
                                  1. Hyperinflation
                                    1. To pay off debts reparations from TOV, Weimar gvt printed more money
                                      1. Decrease in value in currency
                                        1. Savings turned worthless overnight
                                          1. ANGER & RESENTMENT
                                    2. Proportional Representation
                                      1. Coalition government no unanimous agreement
                                        1. cannot come a decisive agreement
                                      2. TOV, 1919
                                      3. Fear of Communism
                                        1. Of farmers
                                          1. State -owned lands??? NO nO for farmers
                                          2. Of businessmen
                                            1. business become state owned & be given to other ppl??? NO no
                                            2. vague promise that they will help them
                                              1. Communist fought police on streets
                                                1. Hitler used his personal armed forces to stop them
                                                  1. saw by public one who can really establish peace & order
                                          3. Own ability
                                            1. Charisma & Oratocial skill
                                              1. Say what the people wanted to hear
                                                1. Very appealing & attractive
                                                  1. people believes in Hitler; thinks he can help them from their problems
                                                    1. appear to offer smth for everyone
                                                2. Skillful at making deals with Politician
                                                  1. 1932 Elections
                                                    1. able to form majority of Coalition gvt
                                                      1. refuse to join any coalition unless becomes Chancellor
                                                        1. Hidenburg no choice but to post him as Chancellor as he has the most support from the people
                                                    2. 1928 Elections
                                                    3. Attractiveness of Nazi Ideology
                                                      1. to abolish TOV
                                                        1. strong central gvt
                                                          1. people sees that coalistion gvt dont work
                                                            1. promise of bread & butter
                                                        2. Reorganisation of Nazi
                                                          1. establishing SA
                                                            1. leaders of SA got rid of anti-Nazis
                                                            2. establishing SS
                                                              1. increasing Nazi membership
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