Short Film

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What is a Short Film and its Purpose?

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Short Film
  1. What is a Short Film? Short films are movies that can show a story with its beginning, progress and end in less than an hour. Some may define short films as films that have a duration longer than a minute and shorter than 15 minutes, while others also consider short films as movies that last for 40 minutes.
    1. What the purpose of Short Films? Short films either aim to entertain or inform. Short films for entertainment are movies that last for a few minutes and have the purpose of providing amusement. Short films that are meant to entertain usually evoke emotion and imagination of the audience. These films may come in the form of movies that focus on either the character, plot or the visual drama. Short films may also be used for information purposes by imparting knowledge on certain things. This types of short films usually come in the form of a documentary. A video advertisement may also be classified under short films for information.
      1. Examples of Short Films
        1. Pixels by Patrick Jean (2010) (France) (2m)
          1. The Black Hole by Williams and Sansom (2008) (UK) (3m)
            1. Spin by Jamin Winans (2005) (US) (8m)
              1. The God by Konstantin Bronzit (2004) (Russia) (4m)
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