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Online communication 2


Online communication 2
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Online communication 2
  1. Implications of online communication
    1. Social networking
      1. Social networking websites have changed the way that we communicate. They allow people to communicate interactively in real time anywhere in the world. Groups of likeminded people can share information, opinions and interests cheaply, normally for the cost of a broadband connection. Social networking provides a great way of staying in touch with friends and business contacts.
      2. Instant messaging
        1. Instant messaging provides a way to exchange textual messages as an alternative to the telephone and at a fraction of the cost. As messages are sent in real time, responses can be received instantaneously. However, instant messaging does have its disadvantages: • emotions are better expressed in person and can sometimes be miscommunicated within an instant message that is sent quickly • viruses can be spread by instant messaging.
      3. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
        1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows people to interact in real time using voice and/or video messaging, and is available between any two points in the world. For internet-only conversations, there is no additional cost at either end. Skype™ is an example of a service that uses VoIP. Being able to contact relatives and business colleagues on the other side of the world at relatively low cost is the biggest benefit. VoIP software is often used by businesses for online conferences and meetings. This reduces travel costs, travel time (and therefore loss of productivity during this time) and the cost of hiring a venue. As with all new technology, VoIP has its limitations: • Reliability. VoIP service is dependent on the quality and reliability of your broadband service and may not work if there is a power cut. • Voice quality. Voices can sometimes be distorted or there may be long pauses between questions and answers. • Security. As with all internet technologies, identity theft, viru
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