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this mind map summarize the planning steps in the writing process

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1 analyzing the situation
1.1 what is the purpose?
1.1.1 General purpose To inform To persuade To collaporate
1.1.2 Specific purpose Your goals Audience actions Audience thoughts
1.1.3 Check your purpose Will anything change as a result of your message? Is your purpose realistic? Is the time right? Is your purpose acceptable to the organization?
1.2 who is the audience?
1.2.1 Developing an Audience Profile Identify your primary audience Determine the size of your audience and geographic distribution Determine audience composition Gauge audience members’ level of understanding Understand audience expectations and preferences Forecast probable audience reaction
2 select the right midium
2.1 Oral
2.1.1 face to face
2.1.2 interviews
2.1.3 presentations
2.1.4 speeches
2.2.1 written memos letters e-mail proposals
2.3.1 visual infographics format that convey message content
2.4 electronic
2.4.1 version of oral media voicemail calls teleconferencing
2.4.2 version of written media website blogs social networks
2.4.3 version of visual media powerpoint keynote google docs animation
3 gather information
3.1 Using Information techniques to gather insights and researchs
3.1.1 Considering viewpoints
3.1.2 Read reports and documents
3.1.3 Talk with stakeholders
3.2 Uncovering audience needs
3.2.1 by engaging in some detective work
3.3 Providing required information
3.3.1 accurately
3.3.2 pertinently
3.3.3 ethically
4 organize the information
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