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The Mary Rose


Primary Peter Help Mind Map on The Mary Rose, created by Becca Washer on 10/10/2015.
Becca Washer
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Becca Washer
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The Mary Rose
  1. Facts
    1. Construction started 1510
      1. Launched July 1511
        1. Weight: 600 tons
          1. Built in Portsmouth
            1. Made of wood
            2. Warship built by Henry VIII
              1. In English Tudor Navy
                1. Served for 34 years against the french
                2. Final Crew List
                  1. 185 soldiers
                    1. 200 mariners
                      1. 30 gunners
                        1. Most were teens or in early 20s
                        2. Sank in 1545
                          1. Only 25 to 30 people survived
                          2. Raised from seabed in 1982
                            1. Sunk for 437 years
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