World War 1

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The MAIN Causes of World War One (long term causes), the short-term causes, the triple entente and the triple alliance, and the treaty of versailles

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World War 1
1 The M.A.I.N Causes
1.1 Militarism
1.1.1 practice of having a strong military and being ready to use it
1.2 Alliances
1.2.1 competition caused european countries to make alliances (friends with other european countries) to strengthen themselves and retain peace
1.3 Imperialism
1.3.1 strong nations looking to take as much territory as possible (colonies)
1.4 Nationalism
1.4.1 pride for nations causes competitions for territory and power between countries
2 Short-Term Causes
2.1 Franz Ferdinand
2.1.1 Archduke, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne assassinated by Princip (Black Hand Terrorist Group) on June 28 1914
2.2 'Blank Cheque'
2.2.1 Germany offered Austria-Hungary to 'blank cheque', meaning whatever decision Austria-Hungary decide to make on punishing Serbia for the death of Franz Ferdinand, Germany will support.
2.3 Austrian Ultimatum
2.3.1 Austria gave Serbia the 'last warning'
2.4 Russian Mobilisation
2.4.1 Russia prepared their army and troops for battle
3 The Triple Alliance
3.1 Germany
3.2 Austria-Hungary
3.3 Italy
4 The Triple Entente
4.1 Britain
4.2 France
4.3 Russia
5 The End of the War!
5.1 Treaty of Versailles: The war officially ended on June 28 1919 with the treaty of Versailles, a treaty which declared peace between Germany and its allies. The three main politicians who took part were: David Lloyd, Georges Clemenceau & Woodrow Wilson
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