SEN Policy Review 2015

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Mind map To analyse current Policy and how this informs stakeholders and question how it is used to infom practice

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SEN Policy Review 2015
  1. SENCO/Inclusion Manager
    1. Who is the audience
      1. Does it give the information each stakeholder requires
        1. Is it user friendly
      2. Section on SEN doesn't mention parent or child
        1. Which external agencies might be involved and why
          1. National picture
            1. Local picture and what is being offered in other schools/similar schools/locally and nationally how do we compare
              1. BEST OFFER
                1. Legal requrements/Documents/Strategy
                  1. Resources/staff development/deployment
        2. Where are we responding to Every Child Matters/Every Child a ......
        3. Colleague
          1. What role will I have - reports meetings
            1. Who will support/monitor/assess differentiation and report
              1. What if I don't have the knowledge/skills/experience/resources
                1. Do I still have to make 3+ levels of progress with this child
          2. Parent
            1. Will I really be involved - will my opinion count
              1. Will I have to attend meetings/where will they be/ how often/who will let me know
                1. Are there other children that have this problem - inschool/in other schools
                  1. Will there be other people I can speak to other than school/in school
                    1. Are there other parents I/we can speak to
            2. Child
              1. Who will speak to me
                1. How will I know what is happening
                  1. Will I be taken out of class
                    1. Will other people come and work with me - people I know/don't know - in school - out of school
                      1. What will I do and who with
              2. Shared - Parent and Child
                1. What will be the same/diffferent
                  1. Will I have a voice
                    1. Who else will know
                      1. What if I say no - or don't like the outcome
                        1. What help can I get now/tomorrow/in the future
                  2. Shared Parent and Colleague
                    1. How will we communicate/role/timeframes
                      1. Will we see/speak to each other more often
                        1. Will I know what is happening at home/school - clear expectations around this
                    2. Shared - Child/Parent/Colleague
                      1. What will this look like in practice
                        1. Extra support for transition - is transition just for change of a school - or is this getting down to the everyday
                          1. What is an Education Health Care Plan and why is it needed for some children and not others
                            1. What happens if there are long term needs but it is not a life long condition
                              1. How will school be supported
                                1. What are the steps/next steps/how/what/when/where/why
                                  1. Defining roles and responsibilities
                                    1. Who will see/share plans and outcomes
                                      1. Where do I go if I need more help/support/have a query
                                        1. What happens in the meantime
                                          1. How long will this take
                                            1. Do I have choice
                          2. Common to all
                            1. Language - inform - done to not done with
                              1. Communication when/who/how
                              2. Monitor? - assess evaluate - time frames
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