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Human Dignity


For RS WJEC Is it fair?
Shannon R
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Human Dignity
  1. Why do people treat others differently?
    1. their skin is a different color
      1. They have a different religion
        1. They live in a different area of community
          1. they have less money
            1. They have more money
            2. The belief that all humans are worthy of honour and respect
              1. Why should we treat others with dignity and respect?
                1. All religions teach that we deserve to be treated with honour and respect
                  1. emotion
                    1. a sense of morality
                      1. souls
                        1. a sense of identity
                        2. Our sense of identity defines who we are. All humans are unique and have a unique identity. It is this uniqueness that makes each of us worthy of respect.
                        3. What does religion say?
                          1. Chirsitianity teaches the importance of human dignity. The bible's account of creation demonstrates that humans are important, as they were created in God's image and given the dominion over animals and the rest of God's creation.
                            1. Islam's teachings demonstrate that humans are the most important an highest of Allah's creations. However, they do not state that they were created in Allah's image.
                              1. In Buddhism, only humans have to attain Buddha status and therefore be worthy of respect in their current lives.
                                1. One of the key beliefs in al religious tradition is that humans are worthy of honour and respect because they are entitled to Human Rights.
                                2. Why don't we all have human rights?
                                  1. They may live in a poor country that cannot provide basic needs such as healthcare and housing.
                                    1. The government of the country may be unjust
                                      1. They may have broken the law or threatened the safety of others
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