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  1. The functionalist approach to the functions of the eduacation system in the society
    1. serving the needs of the economy
      1. selection
        1. facilitating social mobility
          1. encoueraging britishness and social cohesion
            1. secondary socialisation
              1. social control
    2. formal education
      1. take splace in educational institutions such as school s and universities where people elarn knowlegde and skills across a wide range of subjects.
      2. informal education
        1. takes place when people develop knowledge and skills by observing what is happening around them in everyday life
        2. the purpose of formal education
          1. sociologists disagree about what formal education is for. The functionalists approach focuses on the positive functions that the education system performs in society.
          2. Marxist Approach
            1. this approach sees the education system as bebefitting privileged groups and reinforcing social inequalities over time.
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