The Hardy-Weinberg Principle

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A-Level Biology (4:8 Genetic Variation) Mind Map on The Hardy-Weinberg Principle, created by Elena Cade on 10/12/2015.

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The Hardy-Weinberg Principle
1 Predicts that the frequency of alleles of one gene in a particular population will the same from generation to generation
1.1 needs 5 assumptions
1.1.1 No mutations arise
1.1.2 there is no movement of organisms into and out of a population (migration)
1.1.3 mating within the population is random
1.1.4 large population
1.1.5 all genotypes have the same chance of reproductive success
2 A = Dominant allele , a= recessive allele, p= frequency of allele A in gene pool , q= frequency of allele a in gene pool
2.1 p+q= 1.0
2.2 p2 = homozygous dominant, q2= homozygous recessive, 2pq= heterozygous dominant
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