Hitler and Stalin: How similar?


Mind Map on Hitler and Stalin: How similar?, created by May Phaowpat on 11/21/2013.
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May Phaowpat
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Hitler and Stalin: How similar?
  1. Early life
    1. Hitler
      1. Born in 1889 In Austria
          1. Energetic, charismatic speaker
          2. Stalin
            1. Born 1879 in Georgia
              1. Both had bad relationship with father
                1. Both ruthless and devious
                2. Hard working and clever
              2. Beliefs
                1. HItler
                  1. Nazi Party
                    1. One strong leader
                      1. No democracy
                        1. White Europeans (aryans) are the master race
                      2. Stalin
                        1. Communist Party
                          1. Everyone equal no rich or poor
                            1. Women equal
                              1. No titles and ranks
                          2. How did they rise to power?
                            1. Hitler
                              1. Treaty of Versailles
                                1. Germans hated it
                                2. Fear of communism
                                  1. Fear that communist goverment would take their land
                                  2. Economics difficulties
                                    1. Hyperinflation: money rose
                                      1. Great Depression
                                      2. Nazis use democracy
                                        1. Effective use of propaganda
                                        2. Hitler becomes dictator
                                          1. 1933 Reichstag fire
                                            1. Hitler blamed
                                        3. Stalin
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