Skeletal System

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Skeletal System
1 Skull
1.1 Protects the brain
1.2 All bones are fixed except the lower jaw
2 Backbone (Spine/Vertebral Column)
2.1 Made of 33 small bones called vertebrae
2.2 Protects spinal cord that is connected to the brain
2.3 These bones help in bending, twisting, and turning
3 Ribcage
3.1 Protects heart and lungs
3.2 Made of 12 pairs of long curved bones called ribs
3.3 10 pairs of ribs joined to the front bone called the breastbone or sternum
3.4 2 pairs not attached to the breastbone- floating ribs
4 Limbs (Arms and Legs)
4.1 pair of arms- forelimbs
4.2 pair of legs-hindlimbs
4.3 Thigh bone in the leg is called femur
4.4 Femur is the longest bone in the body
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