School Based Magazine

Jodie Brown
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Jodie Brown
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A mind map to show my initial ideas for creating a school magazine.

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School Based Magazine
1 Cover Photo
1.1 Student
1.1.1 Wearing uniform Tie Blazer
1.1.2 Looks smart
1.1.3 Being educated
1.1.4 Looks happy
1.2 School tie
1.2.1 Zoomed in
1.2.2 Can see shirt collar
1.2.3 Idsall stripes Green Yellow Black
1.3 School logo
1.3.1 Large
1.3.2 Covers page
2 Contents
2.1 Table of contents
2.2 Include all articles
2.3 Insert images related to articles
3 Articles
3.1 Main Story
3.1.1 Report on prom Pupils opinions Main image Prom year photo
3.1.2 Heart attack incident Air ambulance Man using the fitness suite Main image Helicopter Fitness suite
3.2 Revision tips
3.2.1 For all exams
3.2.2 Stop stress
4 Evaluation
4.1 Explain choice of colour scheme
4.1.1 Idsall colours
4.2 Reasons for chosen stories
4.3 Questionnaire results
4.3.1 How I incorporated these into mag
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