Stages of reading development

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Stages of reading development
  1. birth-1 year
    1. bold and strong contrasting colours
      1. realistic and recognisable images of faces or everyday objects
        1. may develop favourite books
          1. repeated phrases and sing song refrains
            1. book for bedtimes or other routines
              1. start to learn how books open
                1. start with short books and pictures
                  1. like pop-up books and books with flaps
                  2. 1-2 years
                    1. know that it goes from left to right
                      1. handles books and printed materials with interest
                        1. start to identify family members from pictures
                          1. prefer real world books about farms and trucks etc instead of fantasy
                            1. enjoys rhyming books
                            2. 2-4 years
                              1. Books with pictures and active stories
                                1. start to understand sequences of stories
                                  1. learns to turn the pages
                                    1. searches for favourite pictures
                                      1. co-ordinates text with pictures
                                      2. Reception
                                        1. phonics
                                          1. words are broken down
                                            1. develop an understanding that words that are spoken can be segmented
                                              1. learn that prints represent the sounds of speech
                                                1. learn to connect letters
                                                2. Key Stage 1
                                                  1. fred talk
                                                    1. blend words
                                                      1. word recognition
                                                        1. learn pronounciation
                                                          1. read words with more than one syllable
                                                            1. understand words that are shortened e.g i'll
                                                              1. read aloud accurately
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