symbolism Marcos Velazquez Vera

Marcos Velazquez
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Marcos Velazquez
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symbolism Marcos Velazquez Vera
  1. "The Road Not Taken"
    1. the fork in the path/two roads
      1. choices in life
      2. yellow wood
        1. middle-age
        2. the grass that wanted wear
          1. choosing to explore the unknown
            1. new decisions in life
            2. the path less traveled by
              1. the choices he or she has made in life
                1. has made all the diffrence or made his life more intersting than others
                2. i should be telling this with a sigh
                  1. remembering something important or life-changing
                    1. unwillingness to go forward
                    2. and perhaps having the better claim
                      1. doing for something for better or worse
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